About Us

Adsor-Adcon Group, Nig. Your Vision is Our Mission. At Adsor-Adcon Group, Nig., we take pride in providing quality design services and cost effective project/construction management services to the design and construction industry. We commit ourselves to our Nigerian clients to achieve the highest quality design and craftsmanship for each project. Our highly skilled and experienced professionals help turn our clients' visions into reality. In order to accomplish your vision, Adsor-Adcon will:

Identify and Meet Your Needs We listen to our clients. We work with the client to define their needs and goals before attempting to reach solutions. As the representative of the client, Adsor-Adcon oversees your interests from project design to building occupancy. Acting in the client's best interest, we constantly look for ways to add value to each project. We regard each project as truly unique.

Building Relationships The Adsor-Adcon staff has the many decades of experience needed to unite and lead all the diverse members of the design and construction industry in Nigeria. Our philosophy is that effective design, construction and project management "starts before the first pencil is lifted, and isn't finished until the client is satisfied and the project is occupied by a satisfied user." We build long term relationships that allow us to understand and incorporate both the needs of the client and the client's constituents.

Deliver Quality Projects, Superior Service To take this vision from paper to reality, Adsor-Adcon commits our highly qualified professionals who have unsurpassed team leadership skills, specialized technical expertise and state-of-the-art technology. Quality design and project/construction management requires more than just basic project monitoring and inspection; it requires creating a project delivery system that balances the goals of the client and users with the realities of the construction process. As the team leader, we ensure that all of our projects in Nigeria have a quality project delivery system which is incorporated into all aspects of the work, such as planning, designing, documentation, project managing, scheduling, estimating, construction monitoring, inspection and commissioning.

Stay on Course, On Time, On Budget Our experience in the Nigerian market has created solid management expertise and systems. We provide solutions to keep projects on course, on time, and on budget. We have learned to thoroughly investigate ways to complete projects ahead of schedule, saving you money whenever possible. This approach allows us to effectively manage any project regardless of size in Nigeria. Be Responsive to You Most of Adsor-Adcon's work is through repeat business. We value our clients and are responsive to each one. Responding quickly to phone calls, requests for information, or the need for a fast turn-around service are examples of our commitment. In addition to excellent service, our staff is well aware that excellent communication and responsiveness are needed to create a pleased client.

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